"In my continuing journey, I have had solid professional help to achieve my objectives and establish my business successfully. It’s not an easy road to embark on but hard work, passion, and devotion can take you to any place you aspire to be in!"

Sara Soares is a passionate Brazilian who has applied her entrepreneurial talent in the F&B market in Dubai by setting up and successfully running the Holly Organico Project. Sara continues to work actively as a Brand Advisor to various international companies advising on brand strategies, international expansion, graphic design and marketing. She has extensive experience in conducting rigorous analysis and market research to understand customer behavior that helps her develop marketing strategies that raise brand awareness, drive customer growth, improve brand positioning, and generate revenue. She works and coaches her teams to ideate, develop and design compelling business strategies and transformation solutions with a people-first mindset, which always gives her the edge.


She has made investments into the Dubai Property market and hospitality sectors.  She continues to work keenly as Board Member for a mining company with the mandate to develop mining rights in Brazil, Africa and South Asia for precious metals and rare earth elements. She has a strong understanding of industry operations, dynamics and trends through experience in the field. This, coupled with her personal interest in stones and their healing properties, fuses to become a passion driven business led by globally connected and locally relevant concepts on healing, health and wellness. She believes in sourcing, promoting, and selling organic materials and food items from around the world to create a supply of wholesale items for restaurants and hotels.


Sara has also been involved in developing a premier online shopping platform for high end beauty and retail products. She has excellent e-commerce web design acumen and is a natural at using the right colors, fonts, images, words and graphics to convince visitors to make a purchase. Her platform design successfully attracts potential customers, provides a great user experience and she represents the products in a highly customized manner meeting universal standards, information richness and interactivity.