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The Core of
the Business
is You... 

Sara Soares is the Founder and CEO of Enove Ltd, a conglomerate of companies spread from Brazil to Japan and began her successful rise to business by launching Vagaea, a plant-based revolution in Dubai. Her values expand in being authentic, creative and dynamic.


Beginning in her native Brazil, Sara began creating her own successful brands for the F&B and Fashion markets. As she gained ground in leadership and creative director roles, Sara sought new challenges. With an innate ability to identify unique, scalable ‘out-of-the-box’ concepts, she is passionate in her quest to develop herself, her people and ideas. Through sharing her experiences in consultancy, business development, investment and communications, Sara encourages social entrepreneurship and innovation.

Taking the Lead...


"To be a pioneer means to lead with emotional intelligence and with that come great results."

and Projects

Sara is collaborating with existing and new brands across the world. She has many different roles from Founding Partner, Investor to Creative Director. She participates in a number of groups and projects such as Enove LTD, to promote innovation. With diverse interests, such as her investment in ArcTech, a Technology company, Holiday Homes, Fashion and F&B, at the core of Sara’s beliefs is a Future based in sustainability.

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